CKK Electronic Royal Fuzz

Fuzz up.

Controls Repeat knob, Time knob, Mix knob, Boost knob
Filter toggle
Colors Grey
Power 9 volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel.
Dimensions & Weight 47.5mm H, 60 W, 3 112 D; 220g.

Royal Fuzz is a modern fuzz distortion. The difference between Royal Fuzz and other classic fuzz is that Royal Fuzz combines the features of both fuzz and distortion, this makes it has different features of tone in different frequency band. In the low frequency band, the tone is fleshy and overstate with the characteristics of fuzz tone; In the high frequency band, the tone has fine sense of particles and rich overtones like distortion. The tone adjustment mode is sweep. When rotating the TONE knob, you can get a series of change, from more low frequency, less high frequency to high-mid-low frequency evenly distributed to more high frequency, less low frequency. So, by adjusting TONE knob, user can get a tone just like from several different effects. In addition, we designed a MID BOOST switch and a STYLE switch. When the MID BOOST switch is on, the tone of Royal Fuzz is close to distortion, users can slightly adjust the low frequency and high frequency through STYLE switch, this subtle change is very useful to the fuzz tone. By using these knobs and switches, the application of Royal Fuzz get the maximum expansion. When using the TONE knob on the guitar meantime, many classic tone can be showed incisively and vividly.

Unknown‘A well-made fuzz pedal packed with sonic opportunities’